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A Note from the President of MEMO

President of MEMO Greg Testa, right

February 2024

To all of our MEMO Business Members and Friends: Welcome to 2024

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the important things going on with MEMO this year. We have a great board of officers and directors who have (in their spare time) been moving MEMO into the future. As you know MEMO is made up Medfield businesses and residents who own businesses in nearby towns. We are a volunteer organization sponsoring many local Medfield events and partnering in others including:

  • The Summer Concerts

  • Discover Medfield Day

  • Holiday Parade

  • Holiday tree lighting

  • Joy to the World Concert

  • Medfield History Weekend

  • Student Scholarships

  • Donations to local charitable organizations

In the past we have focused more on the philanthropic endeavors and sort of forgetting our main objective – to support and promote the businesses that are MEMO!

My main goal is to focus more of our efforts in promoting all the MEMO businesses to the residents of Medfield and surrounding towns. Our member businesses are MEMO and we need to get that word out to more of the town’s residents. Everything we do we now ask “How does that benefit our business members?” Without MEMO there would be no Medfield Day or Summer Concerts!

To date this year we have accomplished the following:

  • Increased our membership by 12 new businesses.

  • Developed a new website to promote MEMO and be interactive with people coming to the new site.

  • The website is powered by Wix which will allow board members to easily update as needed.

  • The website will not only have a MEMO calendar, but we decided to have our calendar become Medfield’s premier town calendar by posting as many events and functions from other organizations within the town.

  • The website will used to promote our MEMO businesses.

  • At the 2023 Summer Concerts we created a large poster board listing all of our member businesses. We will continue this in the future, possibly with a larger poster board.

  • This was the first year we permitted our food truck members to participate in the Summer Concerts and will continue in the future.

  • Providing new guest speakers at our general meetings that can provide insights for our members.

  • We will be activating our old LinkedIn page in the near future.

  • Lucille has been doing a bang-up job on maintaining our FB page and Instagram pages to keep our members and town residents up to date on our activities and notices of interest.

I would like to Thank Brandi and Tom Erb for creating our original website and for maintaining it all these years. They did a great job and spent countless hours over the years and we owe them a Big Thank You!

As we move into the future another goal of ours is reach out to the residents of Medfield to assist MEMO with some of the events we sponsor. We are always looking for volunteers so we can keep our small town events going in the future. Stay tuned for more information on this topic.

-Greg Testa

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